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Dogs gather and process information around them by sniffing. It’s as essential to their welfare as sight is to humans.

Canine Partnership Classes

Our classes are held with varied formats, depending on what's most effective.  Some classes are available in a variety of formats so clients can choose what works best for them.  Learn more about our class formats>>  

Also, please note that the Nose Work Continuum class offers continuous enrollment, with no official start or end date.   The skills are layered in each class and there may be 4 different level dogs in a class.  The hides are modified so each team continues their individual progression for that skill. The group class can be very helpful for each team to learn about the progression by watching others in the class.  The Nose Work Classes below all offer continuous enrollment so you can start whenever is convenient for you.  The classes/levels are as follows:

  • ORT

  • NW1

  • NW2

  • NW3

  • Elite

  • Summit

Prerequisite: For all nose work group classes, your dog must be comfortable in a crate or vehicle while other dogs are working.

Start today to "Train Your Dog Happy!"  It is as easy as 1-2-3!

1.  Review Class List below and and identify desired class

2. Determine your class format.  Review Class Formats Here>>

3. Fill out the Registration Form and email it to


Intro to K9 Nosework

The Handler will develop her skills of observing and reading her dog on the hunt. The handler will learn reward mechanics, begin to understand hide placement, practice line handling, and create a celebration ritual. Near the end of this class the handler will have begun to marry her body mechanics in response to her real time observations of her dog working scent. Dogs start by searching for their favorite food or toy reward hidden in a variety of environments. This gives the handler a chance to get her skills on board before it is the all important target odor. Handlers will start to see and learn how to respond to the dog’s body language when working scent. 


Formats:  Group, Private Lesson, Hybrid, Live Online

Prerequisite:  None

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Intro to K9 Nose Work Odor

This class is for dogs who have had an Intro to Nose Work class, this class will introduce the target odors used in K9 nose work. If your dog has done primary searches and is ready to learn the scents, this is the next class progression. Good reward mechanics are critical and take a decent amount of practice. This class will establish the important foundation skills needed in the dog and the handler.


Formats:  Group, Private lesson, Hybrid, Live Online

Prerequisite: Prior Nose Work Class or permission of the instructor.

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K9 Nose Work Continuum

If your dog recognizes the target odors and has successfully searched containers, interiors, exteriors and vehicles, you are eligible for the Nose Work Continuum group class. 


"Advanced training is the basics done really well" -Ken Ramirez


Formats:  Group (continuous enrollment)Private lesson, Hybrid, Live Online

Prerequisite: Prior Nose Work Classes and/or permission of the instructor.

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Dog Parkour

Dog Parkour is for all dogs. Parkour is a physical activity where dogs learn to interact with their environment: 2 Feet On, 4 Feet On, Moving Obstacle, Under, Through, In, Over, Around, Balance, Wait on Obstacle, Backup, 3 Obstacle Sequence and Creativity!  

Parkour lessons emphasize safety, letting the dog choose, and building drive and confidence.  Dogs learn as specific cues are attached to the new parkour behaviors.  Dogs must be able to work in a harness with a leash attached to their harness. Lessons begin inside but progress to parks. Class sessions are captured on video.  As the dog's skill level progresses, the student may choose to submit the video for the Parkour titles.


Formats:  Private lesson

Prerequisite: None

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Trick Dog

Tricks are for all dogs. Super fun and a great way to spend time with your best friend. You can earn trick titles with Do More With Your Dog. Your sessions will be video taped each week so that you can demonstrate the tricks your dog mastered.  You will also have the potential to earn your Trick Dog Titles!


Formats:  Private lesson

Prerequisite: None

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Learn about our Class Formats, Facilities, Classes or Register now!

Lisa Pattison of Canine Partnership provides expert dog training using positive methods with proven results. Located in central western NJ (Hunterdon County) , Ms. Pattison teaches Intro to Summit level K9 Nose Work and Scent Work, plus Parkour, and Trick Dog classes.               

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Once your class registration has been approved and you receive your start date, please send a check to Canine Partnership, 31 Mt Lebanon Rd, Port Murray, NJ 07865

"It is immediately apparent to anyone working with Lisa that she has a thorough knowledge of how to build the partnership from both ends of the leash of a nosework team (dog and owner).
I have a very high drive Shepherd  who is rapidly developing  the skills required to compete. As an added bonus, our relationship has grown exponentially. I am able to communicate with him more clearly he is much more responsive.He is generally calmer more relaxed and focused."

Jay A. KPA Master Groomer

"NJ is fortunate to have a KPA certified trainer with Lisa's skills! She has many accomplishments, including in the world of K9 Nose Work. Other specialties she excels at teaching are Parkour and Tricks. Check her out! Your dog will thank you for it."


"I have had the pleasure of working 3 dogs with Lisa, she was patient and thoughtful with my 2 elderly dogs and then when my puppy came along Lisa did a wonderful job of starting him and bringing him along in his Nose Work education, keeping it fun for him while still upping the criteria by creating a wonderful learning environment."

Susan S.

"Working with Lisa is a joy for you and your dog!!!  Lisa has an innate skill as a dog trainer - a sense and understanding of dog behavior that cannot be taught!  She has the ability to solve issues with completely unique and fun solutions.  My standard poodle Stella and I worked with Lisa for over 5 years.   Through Lisa's methods, Stella and I have a bond that I have never experienced with any other dog! 

Suzanne L.

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