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Class Formats

Developing mindful nose work is the Canine Partnership superpower!

class formats

Class Formats

We offer 4 distinct Class formats as a way to maximize the effectiveness of our training methodology.  Certain classes will have a set class format while others will allow you the flexibility to choose the format that works best for you.  Here is a synopsis of the three formats for private lessons and the Group Lesson Option:

4 class formats1.jpg

Each class format offers a number of benefits as indicated below.  On-Line learning offers the added benefit of flexibility when there are last minute weather or travel challenges. 

class format benefits1.jpg

Trying to choose between private and group sessions? 


Choosing one or the other or a combination of the two can help you realize your potential sooner!


Group Class 

  • Motivating energy from a crowd: a group can spur your goals!

  • Group classes are a great way to meet people with the similar interests

  • Customized layered curriculum with personalized instruction for each team in a group ( 4 max)

  • Students can witness skill stage progression in other dogs in the same class  

  • Class members receive video of the searches and recorded coaching during those searches

  • Budgetary considerations


Private Sessions

  • One-on-one coaching is not usually necessary unless your dog needs space from other dogs and people. Often people believe the dog needs a group class in the name of socialization. If your dog is vocal or lunging on the leash at other dogs and people, he is too excited to learn in a group class. He will learn faster in a one-on-one private lesson and there he will develop the skills to manage his excitement to a level he can join the group class later.

  • Many teams opt to start their learning with some personal coaching to get them accustomed to the location and task-based focus associated with the new space and sport. After this, they may feel confident and comfortable in that space equipped with the necessary skills to do it on their own.  At that point, they can benefit from adding the group class distractions.

  • Special physical/temporary needs: a team may need special care and modifications at certain times

  • Special Event: An upcoming competition may warrant the need for more personal coaching to get improvements fast

  • Video Title submittals may require specific set-ups and extended video of both team members

  • Tailor-made plans: Every handler and dog is unique in terms of individual needs and considerations.  Having a plan that is tailor-made for you will get results much faster than a group class

  • Schedule- group classes are a set day and time. Private lessons can be scheduled with more flexibility

  • In-person private lesson clients receive audio notes and video recordings of the lesson

Start today to "Train Your Dog Happy!"  It is as easy as 1-2-3!

1.  Identify desired class(es)

2. Determine your class format.  Review Class Formats Here>>

3. Fill out the Registration Form and email it to

Lisa Pattison of Canine Partnership provides expert dog training using positive methods with proven results. Located in central western NJ (Hunterdon County) , Ms. Pattison teaches Intro to Summit level K9 Nose Work and Scent Work, plus Parkour, and Trick Dog classes.               

"It is immediately apparent to anyone working with Lisa that she has a thorough knowledge of how to build the partnership from both ends of the leash of a nosework team (dog and owner).
I have a very high drive Shepherd  who is rapidly developing  the skills required to compete. As an added bonus, our relationship has grown exponentially. I am able to communicate with him more clearly he is much more responsive.He is generally calmer more relaxed and focused."

Jay A. KPA Master Groomer

"NJ is fortunate to have a KPA certified trainer with Lisa's skills! She has many accomplishments, including in the world of K9 Nose Work. Other specialties she excels at teaching are Parkour and Tricks. Check her out! Your dog will thank you for it."


"I have had the pleasure of working 3 dogs with Lisa, she was patient and thoughtful with my 2 elderly dogs and then when my puppy came along Lisa did a wonderful job of starting him and bringing him along in his Nose Work education, keeping it fun for him while still upping the criteria by creating a wonderful learning environment."

Susan S.

"Working with Lisa is a joy for you and your dog!!!  Lisa has an innate skill as a dog trainer - a sense and understanding of dog behavior that cannot be taught!  She has the ability to solve issues with completely unique and fun solutions.  My standard poodle Stella and I worked with Lisa for over 5 years.   Through Lisa's methods, Stella and I have a bond that I have never experienced with any other dog! 

Susan B.

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