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Meet Lisa Pattison

Dogs empowered to think, to act, to solve problems, and affect outcomes!

Meet Lisa Pattison- KPA-CTP, CNWI, CTDI

Head trainer Lisa Pattison has made positive dog training her life’s commitment for almost 30 years. Her impressive credentials include:

  • Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner 

  • Certified K9 Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) Summit and Elite Champion titled dogs

  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) gold level trainer

  • Canine Water Sports Judge

  • Tracking, TD, TDU, TDX, Judge

  • Degree in Animal Science and Behavior

  • Studied with World Class Dog Trainers and Behaviorists

  • Trained K9 nose work teams to dozens of elite titles!


Because of her extensive experience, Lisa can help you understand why your dog does what he does, and how to use that understanding to strengthen your partnership with your performance dog, family dog, rescue, puppy, or older dog.

For Nosework, Lisa specializes in Introduction level through Summit level, the highest level of achievement! See her dogs and clients in action in the slideshow below!                

Training and Certifications

Lisa has been training and studying Positive Motivation based learning for over 30 years.  She has trained with a number of big-name trainers from around the country and has put her education to the test through many years of both private and group lessons.  She has devoted her life's work to not only advanced positive training and coaching techniques, but focuses on using the training to further the relationship and partnership between a dog and his owner. 


The ultimate goal is to inspire complete harmony between a dog and his owner through effective communication and cultivating responsiveness and the desire to please in your pet.  Through Lisa's methods and guidance, you and your dog will learn how to naturally develop a strong connection that is loving, stimulating, and rewarding- not to mention FUN!!

Some of Lisa's Training and certifications are listed below.


Lisa's dog training Credentials.jpg

“I've known Lisa Pattison for 28+ years.  She has worked hard to learn by taking classes, going to seminars, and by training her dogs (and others, including mine).  She is truly an outstanding dog trainer!"   -Laurie S.

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Lisa Pattison of Canine Partnership provides expert dog training using positive methods with proven results. Located in central western NJ (Hunterdon County) , Ms. Pattison teaches Intro to Summit level K9 Nose Work and Scent Work, plus Parkour, and Trick Dog classes.               

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