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Our Approach

Canine Partnership believes in deepening relationships with our canine companions as we learn how they experience the world.

Positive Reinforcement Based Learning

Certified instructor Lisa Pattison believes Positive Reinforcement Training brings out the best in dogs and their people.   In Positive Reinforcement Training, a reward immediately follows the desired behavior.  As a result, that behavior is offered by your dog more frequently.  For example,  If the dog sits and then receives a treat, he becomes more likely to sit in the future.  Positive Reinforcement Training is a fun and very effective technique to train dogs to excel at sports such as agility, tracking, nose work, and water sports, and it’s the best way to help dogs be great family companions.   Lisa’s 30 years of success with both competition and family dogs proves the point. 


Lisa also teaches students to use clicker training and other force-free methods to help dogs learn how to learn and understand what TO DO.   By giving our dogs something positive TO DO, we not only eliminate the behaviors we don’t want, but our dogs become more calm, confident, and engaged because they enjoy learning and being with us. Tired dogs are another benefit of shaping behavior using clicker training!

These training techniques engage the dog’s mind so that he WANTS to learn and interact with you.  That’s why we call this Canine Partnership.  Partnership dogs love to learn- as a result, Lisa and her students  have a proven track record of success in competition and at home!

What Makes Us Different

Expert trainer Lisa Pattison has made positive dog training her life’s commitment and has studied extensively with some of the best dog trainers in the world.   She has taught a very wide range of classes – from puppy socialization to dog sports to companion dog skills to show ring performance.  Lisa now specializes in introduction through the Summit level of Nose Work.  LIsa is one of a handful of trainers to own multiple Summit titles on one dog as well as having Summit titles on multiple dogs. She was the first to earn an Elite and Summit title on an Australian Shepherd. All titles were earned on the highly competitive East Coast! Multiple High Titles in Trials at the Elite and Summit levels combined. Most importantly, Canine Partnership dogs are HAPPY in their work -- it is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your dog while also giving your dog the stimulation they crave. 

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Many Canine Partnership classes are offered at the privately owned, 50-acre preserved farm in Readington Township, NJ.  We generally limit our live group classes to no more than 4 dogs, so our dogs and their partners have a POSITIVE, calm experience (and YOU don’t have to endure 20 barking dogs in a small room.  How can your dog learn if he is so distracted?).  We also offer private sessions- live online, in person and live/online hybrid.  This allows us to meet the specific training needs of each dog and owner.    Depending on the needs of the class or session, we make full use of the fields, stream, hedgerows, hiking trails, and outdoor fenced and lighted riding ring at the Farm as well as the matted indoor training space.  Learn More>>

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What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training (with or without a clicker) is the foundation of Lisa’s approach.  The trainer uses the clicker to provide precise ‘YES’ feedback to the dog and the dog quickly learns that a treat will follow.  When the dog offers the same behavior that just earned the click and the treat, CLICK, and he gets another treat!  “Wow”, says the dog.  “How good is that!”  Your dog feels like he can turn you into a vending machine… all for doing exactly what you want him to do.  It’s really fun to watch the light bulb go on in your dog’s face. 

Because positive training is so interactive, your dog is fully engaged in the process, and the training is clear and not frustrating for either of you.  The success for both trainer and dog is very high.  What a great feeling for everyone!    

Learn about our Class Formats, Facilities, Classes or Register now!  

Lisa Pattison of Canine Partnership provides expert dog training using positive methods with proven results. Located in central western NJ (Hunterdon County) , Ms. Pattison teaches Intro to Summit level K9 Nose Work and Scent Work, plus Parkour, and Trick Dog classes.               

"WOW!!!!  I’ve had a GREAT time training with the boys: Judd, Joey and Why in tracking and K9 Nose Work.   I'm so proud of all 3 of them, but especially Joey, who could never participate in anything because he is so reactive!  He has found HIS SPORT in K9 Nose Work.  Thanks Lisa!  I'm so glad I found you!" 

Stacy B.

"I don’t think I can recommend Lisa enough! She is such a fantastic trainer for trick training or K9 Nose Work.   The incredible searches she sets up week after week tests our skills in real life scenarios, setting us up for trials. She provides such individualized attention that I haven’t found elsewhere and has such a great eye to troubleshoot sticky spots. Lisa makes the sport of nose work fun, challenging, and oh so addictive!."

Ava K.

"I have been training with Lisa for over 15 years. My latest border collie and I do K9 Nose Work. it's a lot of fun and I am learning to really read my dog’s body language and even tail sets for meaning.  Lisa is positive, patient, and FUN!!  She is also always available to answer any questions I might have. "

Rita O.

"K9 Nose Work has been a healthy sport that not only bonded Quinn and I as a team but has nurtured Quinn into a very confident dog. This confidence has carried over to other areas of Quinn's world."

Joanne P.

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