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Nose Work allows a high degree of focus so that the dog and handler concentrate and learn from each other.

Facilities at Happy Dog Farm- Readington, NJ

Many of our classes are held at  a privately owned, 50-acre preserved farm in Readington Township, located just 6 miles north of the Route 202 and Route 31 traffic circle in Flemington.  We are also conveniently located just minutes from Somerville, Bridgewater and Clinton.   The Farm offers a truly unique and spectacular training facility with both indoor and outdoor spaces to accommodate beginner through advanced K9 Nose Work training.  Training spaces include:  

  • A truly beautiful setting with historic barns and house, and wonderful views

  • A 24’ by 60’ matted training building with a whole wall of South-facing windows.

  • A fenced sand arena with lights for out door training.

  • 50 acres of fields and mowed paths for the ultimate in tracking, Scent Work and K9 Nose Work training.

  • A stream with various depths of water to introduce dogs to canine water sports in a comfortable, non-threatening way.

  • Contiguous to hundreds of acres of preserved land, including fields and open-space trails.

When it comes to k9 nose work the wind is key. Using the wind effectively with strategic hide placements can help your nose work dog master scent challenges appropriate to his trial level. The farm's multiple outbuilding and large horse barn nestled on the hill between the stream and the rolling hayfields allow for complex air flow and optimal nose work training.


The training building is loaded with props which allow for customization of training set-ups that can be adjusted to the size or experience of the dog. In addition, the working farm has moving people and animals that provide an environment that changes from day to day. This is an excellent characteristic for a training site. A large fenced dressage ring is perfect for a large off leash search area and is right next to parking and the training building.


Imagine the fun and adventure you and your dog will share at this amazing facility as you "train your dog happy!" The slideshow below provides a preview of this very amazing training facility!                                                                                  

"I started doing tracking when my 8 yr Doberman had to retire from agility due to medical reasons. She still wanted to work so tracking was very rewarding to her. She is doing great & I'm starting to read her body cues better thanks to Lisa. She is so insightful to the individual dogs & their subtle scent work indications. Thank you Lisa!"

-Michele C.

Check out our current Classes, Register Now or Contact Us so we can work together to advance the partnership and connection between your and your dog while both of you have lots of fun and adventure!!

Lisa Pattison of Canine Partnership provides expert dog training using positive methods with proven results. Located in central western NJ (Hunterdon County) , Ms. Pattison teaches Intro to Summit level K9 Nose Work and Scent Work, plus Parkour, and Trick Dog classes.               

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